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Ausyresolutions is a specific centre for people with Hearing, speech and language disorders. Our goal is to help and recover lives of people anguish from hearing and speech problems using especially new techniques and technology. 


Speech Therapy and Language Pathologist


Speech Therapy:

There are lots of ways you can help your children study to realize and use words. See a speech therapy & language pathologist if you have concern.

speech & hearing care centre | hearing aid centre

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Speech & Hearing Care Centre:

Ausyresolutions Speech &Hearing Care Centre is a highly professional and advanced Institute, which helps in timely diagnosis and cure of every hearing loss and speech disorder. Our specialists with help of most advanced state-of-the-art testing equipment, highly stylish hearing aidscounseling and speech therapy brings you inflexible and committed services in speech and hearing health care centre.

We have a unique kind of each patient need for maintain, support, therapy and training while learning to use their hearing instruments most effectively. It is our goal to help the enduring reach his or her best hearing possible.

testing for hearing loss in children

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Determining hearing loss in children statistics

  • Children can be tested for hearing loss problem at any stage.
  • There are more than a few possibility factors associated with listening to loss, including ear infections, premature, diseases, and syndromes.
  • Early identity of hearing loss will permit effective intervention, making an allowance for speech, language and cognitive development which might be on course with a infant’s peers.
  • The ABR and the OAE evaluations are powerful tests for toddlers and youngsters who cannot cooperate for a conventional hearing review.
  • Visual reinforcement audiometric and play audiometric are two behavioral methods used for trying out cooperative kids, which could attain effects much like an adult evaluation.
  • A test of the center-ear machine ought to be blanketed in a diagnostic listening to evaluation for all kids.


Accurate listening to trying out cannot be done till a infant reaches the age of 5 or 6.


Current technology now permits the correct exams of hearing loss in children starting inside some hours of birth. In fact, all states have mandates that testing of hearing loss to be achieved inside the newborn previous to discharge from the health facility. Continue Reading

best speech and hearing care centre in chennai

Speech and hearing care centre-ausyresolutions

Ausyresolutions Speech & Hearing Centers are a set of clinics offering audiology and speech pathology services. We try to offer to both pediatric and geriatric populace, with nice listening to tests, and hearing devices which can be clean to use and maximize your capability to hear. Our intention is that will help you reach the factor in which listening to isn’t always something you need to consider, however as a substitute, it is something you genuinely do obviously.

Your capability to listen substantially influences your average satisfactory of life. That’s why we exit of our manner to offer thorough, caring provider that produces consequences. Our friendly, devoted audiologists and speech pathologists are skilled to correctly assess your listening to and prescribe solutions for development and to provide speech therapy services for the considered necessary. We offer flexible hours and handy appointment scheduling, to help with active existence. Come in and find out the sounds you’ve been missing!

hearing aid dealers product list in chennai


Our distribute province is extend all over India. We have hearing aid retailers purchasing from us periodically even from the extreme north eastern and western part of India. Our reliability in listening to provide business has furnished set amplify and success.

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find the hearing aid price and features list


Popular listening to useful resource capabilities

Feedback Cancellation (Whistling)

Innovations in hearing aids within the previous couple of years have aimed to get rid of one in all the largest lawsuits hearing aid wearers have about their contraptions, the disturbing whistling called remarks. It may be due to a range of factors, inclusive of hugging a cherished one, having the hearing useful resource brushed via hair or definitely being outdoor on a windy day. Newer technology has simply eliminated buzzing and whistling as a result of feedback in listening to aids without compromising overall performance.

Multi-Memory Settings

While a traditional listening to useful resource genuinely amplified all sounds, generation now allows a hearing resource to carry out differently in lots of particular environments. For example, one memory will don’t forget the settings you select in social settings, whilst some other can be reserved for driving in the vehicle or being outdoors. By having a couple of memories, hearing aids offer a greater most excellent performance for an energetic lifestyle.


This characteristic improves a customer’s capacity to speak at the telephone. Telecoil settings make bigger sound from your cell phone without choosing up heritage noise and assisting to prevent comments. Besides the Smartphone, T-coil settings can be used at venues that have a hearing loop established. A listening to loop can be connected to a public address machine or TV in settings like church buildings, auditoriums or maybe your personal dwelling room. When the telecoil is become on, the sound others pay attention from a loudspeaker is streamed without delay into the hearing aid.

Directional Microphones

The microphone element of a listening to aid amplifies incoming sounds for extra audibility. New generation offers the microphone the electricity to awareness on focused sounds. A directional microphone will assist a wearer listen speech in a loud surroundings as it will target the speech and reduce the heritage noise.

Wireless Technology

Allows the person to connect directly – and wirelessly – to most media gadgets. TV, radio, cellular Smartphone and computer systems may be heard in stereo-best sound at once through the hearing useful resource.

Data Logging

Allows an audiologist to look what records of the consumer’s hearing environments had been for better programming as time goes on.

Bands and Channels

These capabilities discuss with the ability to alter hearing aid settings to fine-in shape person listening to loss wishes. The more bands and channels a listening to useful resource has, the better it can be programmed to perform for the wearer in distinctive environments. However, be careful here due to the fact in some unspecified time in the future immoderate bands and channels end up only a advertising ploy and do not simply mean a whole lot whilst it comes down to adjusting the listening to resource for better sound fine.