Easy way for Hearing Aid Protection by Audiologist Tips

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How to clean hearing aids


Easy Tips for Hearing Aid Protection:

One query Audiologists always get asked about hearing aids is: How long do they preceding? The answer is: it depends.

The main factor in how long a hearing aid lasts is how well they are maintained. That hearing aid protection starts at home with some simple steps to fresh hearing aids.

You should clean hearing aids every day if you want them to end for the long run.

How to Clean a Hearing Aid:

  1. Remove any polish from the outside of the hearing aids

Start by inspecting the tip that goes into your ear. Brush or clean away any wax that you can visually see. Don’t apply chemicals or water on your hearing aids. If you have a durable shell, clean the hearing aid with a dry cloth

  1. Check the microphone part for anything that might be plugging it:

If you don’t know where your microphones are, ask your hearing expert at your next appointment. On a behind-the-ear hearing aid, the microphones are placed on the part that sits on top of your ear.

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